A little about Angel…

I am a thirty something family photographer, who loves french fries.  I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.  I don’t like hockey or baseball but I love basketball.  I am a die hard Bulls Fan;  I recently got to see Scottie Pippen and it made my life!  I don’t like Deep Dish Pizza, I actually prefer Brooklyn Style. I never put ketchup on hot dogs, but I do prefer Maxwell Street polishes.

For me photography was a job, that became a hobby, that morphed into a passion. I got my first camera when I was only 3 years old.  A Fisher Price 2312.  It had no batteries, no film, just a “shutter” button, a “film” advance lever, and a reflective “flash” sticker.  I have since worked in some of the coolest tourist traps in Chicago and Orlando until I finally realized that my talents were being wasted!

In portrait photography I like to capture the “Magic Shot”.  Joey looking off in the distance dreaming of a unicorn.  Miriam and John looking at each other with the same adoration as they did 60 years ago.  Brian making Suzanne laugh so hard she snorts.  Ali showing me where her little brother is “cooking in Mommy’s oven”.  These are the shots that end up on your wall forever!

About The FAT Photog

Ever since I went public to my circle of photographer friends about branching out on my own, I have been getting so much heat about my title.  “The FAT Photog, really?”  Yes really and here is why…

Once upon a time there was a fabulous young diva in training named Lauren, but her friends called her Angel.  This budding Fashionista had never seen a french fry or a chocolate cake she didn’t like.  And while she didn’t look like a Supermodel, in fact she looked like three put together, she walked the streets of Chicago like it was her personal catwalk; just as her mother, The Grand Diva, had taught her.  Prom came along and all of her friends were talking about their dresses and how they couldn’t wait to show off.  Angel boasted, “My dress is so fly, I’m gonna make all of you look like men!”  Her size 6 friends nodded and smirked to each other.  “Sure, the size 26 is going to show us up!” they thought.  But low and behold when Angel showed up in her turquoise, halter, mermaid dress, they had to admit that she looked AMAZING!  The photographer was impressed when she stood before him and managed to contortion herself to look like half the person she was.  Little did he know that Angel had spent the last three months practicing her “Skinny Pose”.

Fast forward a decade and Angel has advanced to the level of Junior Diva and dropped 100 pounds.  She is now on the other side of the camera and it saddens her when beautiful women approach her and say, “Make me look skinny”.  As the daughter of a plus size woman she didn’t understand why these women, who were still several sizes smaller than her didn’t recognize their beauty.  But she would teach them all, one belly hiding mom at a time.  And so…The Fat Photographer became a thing.

“I am Angel.  I am FAT.  And I am a photographer.”


Need to contact me?  Go ahead!  Drop me a line…